College Coaches and Scouts

Show Baseball has a pool of very talented players who are looking for a place to play college baseball.  We spend a lot of time and effort matching players to the right college program.  We are very aware of our players academic as well as playing abilities.  Marc and Jeano have over 90 years combined experience in coaching baseball from T-Ball through D-1 and Professional ranks.  We will not “sell” you a player that we do not believe is a good match for your program.  You can count on our candid evaluation of players strengths and weaknesses.  If you are from the East Coast, Midwest or other “cold” country you need to avail yourself of the high level players that Southern Arizona has to offer.  Our “regular” players are usually “studs” in places that can not play outdoors year round.  Give Jeano a call for more information.  520.909.5021

We have over 200 players currently playing in college and have many players from our program drafted each year.   Several former Show players have been  MLB all stars.  We ask that coaches and scouts be realistic too, Everyone wants a 6’5” lefty who throws mid 90’s, if you are a D3 JC program in cold country or for that matter a top tier D1 in warm country, the likelihood of that kid ever playing in college is slim to nil, so be realistic. We have a great group of players, some can play at the top D1 level others will be stars in your D3, cold country program. We usually have many players in between as well.

SENIOR CLASSIC INFO :  After spending countless hours every year responding thoroughly to requests for information from coaches in advance of the Senior Classic, only to have the vast majority of those requesting information never show up to look at our players we have adopted the following policies. DO NOT EMAIL or Text us in advance with questions.  Come see us on the field . On the field face to face  we can review your needs with what we have. We can also give you a roster.   We will put players in that you want to see when you are there or schedule a time for a bullpen, face to face meeting with players parents, etc.  If you do not know Jeano Savard or Marc Mauseth just ask for us when you get to the field and we will spend all the time you need going over our players at the field. We are also happy to be available to answer questions, after the Senior Classic, if you need more specifics on a player. We DO NOT have a Pitching rotation in advance. 

2021 Senior Classic Schedule

Game #1 Thursday September 30 Padres #5 6:30pm

Game #2 Friday October 1 Padres #4 4:00 pm

Game #3 Saturday October 2, Royals #3 4:00 pm

WIN at least 15% More Games


If you would like to win at least 15% more games this coming season and more each year after that you need to talk to us.  Show Baseball is introducing its long in development program: Renaissance Baseball: New Thinking for an Old School Game. The cost is low (and negotiable, the Yankees will pay more than a small JC program) 100% of the monies will go to support the work of Show Baseball. As things develop and grow there will be room to share revenue with other programs. This has the potential to revolutionize the game and you can be on the ground floor. 


If you answer yes to any of the following questions you need to talk to us because you are absolutely guaranteed increasing injuries and decreasing performance in your players. And yes, we are aware that probably every MLB All Star player and ABCA Hall of Fame coach does many, if not all of the these things.  Rock solid guaranteed they would be better players and coaches and have fewer injuries if they utilized our program. We can easily solve the Billion Dollar arm injury problem that MLB faces and dramatically increase batting averages. If you can help us sell this idea to the Yankees (or others) we will share the wealth and the Yankees will be better off too.


1)     Do you utilize long toss, weighted balls, lighter balls, pitching with no ball, or pitching from flat ground ?

2)     Do you have your pitchers run poles or any distance longer than about 30 yards shortly after pitching ?

3)     Do you evaluate your players with the 60 yard dash ?

4)     Do you believe that Ptolomy had it right and the earth is at the center of the universe? (His calculations are pretty impressive!) 

5)      Do you evaluate your players with a run of 400 meters or longer?

6)      Do you believe that the earth is flat and that Copernicus and Galileo were correct in disavowing their early work in that area? 

7)     Do you have your hitters practice with traditional “BP”, that is a BP pitcher throwing from a mid point between the mound and the plate ?


INTERESTED ????  Call Marc Mauseth or come visit at  520.398.9343 the Senior Classic for more information: THIS IS A GAME CHANGER




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